“Thanks for the talk! This is obviously an emotionally charged journey to discuss, even after finally getting it handled. I have a few friends who’ve told me similar stories; the lucky ones who finally found a provider with the basic decency of respecting their bodily autonomy. I know several others who’ve yet to break through.

You’re contributing a great deal of value by sharing this story and building awareness.” –Tamas (via facebook)

“Contributing a great deal of value [and] awareness” – Tamas

“Your speech brought tears to my eyes. I had so many of the same experiences which was frustrating beyond words… The pervasive paternalism and double standard is staggering. In the end I got tired of being belittled and told by doctors that they knew what was best for me better than I did…
…Thank you for telling your story. Hopefully doctors will watch your talk and be enlightened.” –Leeba (via facebook)

“Hopefully doctors will watch your talk and be enlightened” – Leeba

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